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Previous issues

kurs bayernhafen 12/2019

kurs Titel_12_2019

Compared to the logistics chain as a whole, the inland ports and the port infrastructure only receive a relatively low degree of attention. Yet this is where everything must be just right, because what happens at the crossover points is crucial to the success of the transport chain as a whole.

And this is exactly the same for transition zones in triathlons, where every move and every detail counts. That’s why the lead story in the latest issue of kurs bayernhafen explores the analogy of inland ports and triathlon transition zones. After all, the largest long-distance triathlon in the world takes place in Roth, right next to bayernhafen Roth.

The latest issue also contains a host of compelling stories, including an interview with Professor Norbert Gebbeken, the President of the Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers, the success story of BayWa, and the fascinating route taken by 24 beer tankers to Budweiser in the Czech Republic.

kurs bayernhafen 06/2019

kurs Titel_05_2019

The steel market is on the move, as shown by current developments. But however the market participants line up themselves, steel is and remains the backbone of our economy. One of the most important materials in vehicle, machine and plant construction, in the construction industry, in traffic, environmental and medical technology.

Essential for the raw materials for steel production and the steel products to get to the customers, are the right ways, modes of transport and connections. The bayernhafen locations decisively shape this steel logistics. We therefore have steel as the title theme of the current issue of kurs bayernhafen.

In addition, an interview with Sven Koepchen, CEO of Klöckner & Co Deutschland GmbH, an insight into the logistics of Linde Engineering, a portrait of Richard Köstner AG and an assessment of the new Master Plan for Inland Navigation.

kurs bayernhafen 12/2018

kurs Titel_12_2018

What role do we play in the digital world? What can we delegate to bits and bytes? What can only we humans do? We have dedicated the latest ‘kurs bayernhafen’ to this question under the motto of ‘Dynamism at work – The port’s key resource is its people’. We talked to CEOs and senior management at Kühne + Nagel, Pollmeier Massivholz, Raben Group, SAF-HOLLAND and Spedition Horst Pöppel.

Other topics covered in the latest issue of bayernhafen’s customer magazine include:

  • A guest article by the futurologist Heiko von der Gracht (D. Sc.) on the ‘Future of Work and Work of the Future’
  • Passion for excellent furniture - insights into the transport routes of the schools and offices furniture supplier, VS Möbel
  • The success story of Emons Spedition GmbH
  • The upgraded infrastructure in bayernhafen Passau
  • The dates for the next port festival or the open-air opera for you to enter into your calendar as well as lots more fascinating stories and news...

kurs bayernhafen 07/2018

kurs Titel_07_2018

In the latest issue of its customer magazine, bayernhafen once again explores a whole host of fascinating topics:

  • Cover story: “Head start for ship and rail! A fairer share of the transport mode load” with real-life examples from the bayernhafen locations, as well as from BERGER BETON and Alba-Metall
  • A message from Andreas Scheuer, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure: “We can embark on a new era of inland navigation”
  • The barge’s love of the big and bulky is illustrated through the transport of heavy-lift cargo such as Siemens transformers and Linde plant machinery
  • The inauguration of RAIL.ONE’s new railway sleeper plant – a model for successful land regeneration
  • The success stories of the family-owned businesses of Roth (Full of energy) and Suffel (Hydraulics is movement)
  • And many more fascinating topics...

kurs bayernhafen 12/2017

kurs Titel_12_2017

  • Infrastructure - the foundation of our economy. Infrastructure also plays a crucial role in the hub function of trimodal inland ports.
  • An interview with Dr. Markus Söder, Bavarian State Minister of Finance, Regional Development and Homeland: “The exporting state of Bavaria needs optimal integration into global supply chains.”
  • The success story of the Wiesneth mill ... in family hands for more than 300 years
  • The transport route from tree to pulp to paper - Sappi Stockstadt GmbH
  • The breakthrough of recycled building materials for road construction in Nuremberg
  • Springboard roll-on/roll-off ... from Passau to markets in Europe and Asia
  • And many more exciting topics ...