Upper Franconia's gateway to the world

bayernhafen Bamberg is the most important hub for freight transport for the entire Upper Franconia region. It makes a considerable contribution to serving citizens and businesses and provides producers in the region with access to international transport networks. The port efficiently links road, rail and inland waterway. bayernhafen Bamberg is home to companies from the logistics, cargo transfer, shipping, production, recycling and service sectors.

Grain becomes corn, corn becomes flour, flour becomes bread. bayernhafen Bamberg plays a key role in the chain from field to breakfast table. Cereals, foodstuffs and animal feed are particularly suited to transport by inland waterway and represent the lion’s share of the ship cargo handled at bayernhafen Bamberg. Companies also use the container terminal at bayernhafen Bamberg to export their products and to import intermediate goods and components.

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Our high-performance infrastructure enables us to provide non-discriminatory and cost-effective access to the three equal modes of transport rail, road and inland waterway.

In order to provide the companies operating from our port with the best possible connections and accessibility, we permanently invest in the development of our infrastructure.

Should you experience any disruption or impediments when using our infrastructure, we can be reached around the clock via our location-wide hotline.

Central Disruption Management Infrastructure service number:
Tel: 0800 / 7240 320 (24 hr)

Water surface in bayernhafen Bamberg: 18.5 ha

Two docks

  • Dock 1: 850 m long / 106 m wide
  • Dock 2: 450 m long / 75 m wide (entrance channel)
    700 m long / 100 m wide

Total shorelength: 4,050 m

  • 1,900 m quay wall
  • 2,150 m embankment

Cargo-handling berths: up to 18

  • Quay 2 / dock 1: 7 - 8
  • Quay 3 / dock 2: 4
  • Quay 4 / dock 2: 6

Plus 40 berths solely for mooring (holiday, ice, flooding etc.)

1 passenger ship pier

  • 3 pontoons
  • 9 river cruise ships can dock in three layers simultaneously

Rail network at bayernhafen: approx. 8.5 km in length

35 points

5-track marshalling yard

Handling facility for combined transport

The network enables you to reach practically all companies operating from the port by rail. There is also a direct connection to the CT terminal.

For more information on the port railway system or on the infrastructure use agreement, please contact the Rail Operations Manage.

Contact person

Michaela Wöhrl
Branch Manager

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Facts and figures

How did bayernhafen Bamberg develop last year? Which goods did it handle most?

Find answers to these questions and the most important facts and figures here.

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bayernhafen Bamberg

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Contact persons

Michaela Wöhrl
Branch Manager
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Branch Management Assistant
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Crane Operations Scheduling