The vast majority of our sites are trimodal. That is, they unite in a highly efficient way the three modes of transport: road, rail and inland waterway.

We place the high-performance, versatile transport infrastructure at our sites at your disposal: quayside facilities, a dedicated rail network with train formation facilities, load transfer yards and loading ramps. This is complemented by roll-on/roll-off facilities at our locations in Regensburg, Nuremberg and Passau, allowing road vehicles to be transferred from road to ship without the need for handling machinery.

In this way, we guarantee the companies operating from our locations and the freight forwarding industry throughout Bavaria non-discriminatory and cost-effective access to the three key modes of transport of road, rail and inland waterway. Companies from across a broad spectrum of industries use our infrastructure and connection services. This is our contribution towards safeguarding the viability of industry in Bavaria and ensuring the seamless movement of goods.

Our high-performance infrastructure provides you with non-discriminatory and cost-effective access to the three equal modes of transport rail, road and inland waterway.

Furthermore, we efficiently manage the basic infrastructure such as the electricity network, water supply and sewerage system.

In order to provide the companies operating from our port with the best possible connections and accessibility, we permanently invest in the development of our infrastructure.

Should you experience any disruption or impediments when using our infrastructure, we can be reached around the clock via our location-wide hotline.

Central Disruption Management Infrastructure service number:
Tel: 0800 / 7240 320 (24 hr)

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg provides two docks and six quays with eleven cargo handling zones to handle your ship’s cargo.

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg maintains a high-performance publicly accessible rail infrastructure network complete with port marshalling yard, signalling control centre and a total of 24 kilometres of rail network for the companies operating from its location. A trimodal CT terminal complements the infrastructure.

Our generously dimensioned track facilities in the crane section and the freight yard enable easy shunting, assembling, loading and unloading of block trains. Block trains of up to 700 metres in length can enter and leave the freight marshalling yard in our port.

Almost 90% of bayernhafen’s land and four of the five quays are linked by rail to the port railway system.

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg is connected via Aschaffenburg Central Station to the trans-european rail network.

Our service facilities include workshops, which we rent to authorised persons subject to advance scheduling.

An infrastructure use agreement must be entered into prior to using the rail infrastructure service facilities.

Contact person

Theo Franz
Head of Production Division