19 December 2017 | Passau

Support for Parent, Baby and Family Centre

Spende Scheck Übergabe Kinderklinik Passau bayernhafen 2017

Image (Stefanie Starke): bayernhafen’s Chief Operating Officer Klaus Hohberger hands over the donation cheque for € 3,500 to the Director of the Children’s Clinic, Reinhard Schmidt.

“Both bayernhafen Gruppe and the Children’s Clinic have something in common. Our primary focus is on creating the right type of infrastructure and the hospital’s focus is on the best possible medical infrastructure,” said Klaus Hohberger, Chief Operating Officer of bayernhafen Gruppe, by way of explanation for the decision to make a donation to the Dritter Orden Passau Children’s Clinic. Reinhard Schmidt, the Director of the Children’s Clinic, gratefully accepted the donation cheque of € 3,500: “Since we narrowly missed our donation target of three million euros, we are very grateful for every further donation – in addition to the financial support for our campaign, we also truly appreciate the enormous support we receive from the people of Passau and the business community.”

Through the new Parent, Baby and Family Centre, the Dritter Orden Passau Children’s Clinic aims to give parents the opportunity to be near their child, even when the child is in intensive care. Every tenth child is born prematurely and every seventh new-born child receives medical care in a paediatric clinic. Very young children are highly vulnerable to the outside world, particularly as their brains and nervous systems are in the process of developing. Any complications that occur at this time could have a major impact on the rest of the child’s life. But there is more to it than just the impact on the physical health of the child. Parents are often not able to be with their child, are not able to feed, stroke or hold their child in their arms, because, for example, the hospital is too far away or simply because there is nowhere for them to stay. The parent-child relationship suffers from the very start – often with serious consequences for the child’s mental wellbeing. The parents of older children also want to be with their children, because closeness helps the healing process.

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