12 December 2018 | Passau

bayernhafen Passau donates to Passau children’s home

Logo Lukas Kern Kinderheim

The Lukas-Kern-Kinderheim is a welfare centre for children and young people located in the city of Passau. The centre is an educational living space for children and adolescents that creates favourable conditions in which they can live and thrive, helping them to cope with the impact of their personal and/or social problems. The centre provides homes to 18 children and adolescents. It fosters their development through a combination of day-to-day experiences and educational and therapeutic services. The adjoining therapeutic educational day-care centre offers day-care for 7 children and adolescents through its mission of curative education and therapy.

The Lukas-Kern-Kinderheim is run by the Passau-based orphanage foundation, ‘Bürgerliche Waisenhausstiftung zu Passau’, which is managed in trust by the city of Passau. It was established by the ship master and innkeeper Lukas Kern, wh donated 72,400 guilders in his will for the construction of an orphanage in Passau.

The donations are used to finance additional services that are not covered by the public authorities, such as private remedial tuition, holiday trips and sports equipment. bayernhafen Passau is supporting the Lukas-Kern-Kinderheim with a donation of € 3,500.

Find out more at www.kinderheim-passau.de