Intermodal Passau

Springboard Roll-on-Roll-off

… from bayernhafen Passau to European and Asian Markets

bayernhafen Passau optimally links the three modes of transportation – ship, rail and road – through trimodal accessibility. By implementing intermodal transport supply chains, we can guarantee the best possible connections - particularly downriver on the Danube towards Hungary and Bulgaria, but also equally in the opposite direction. Efficient integration allows us to implement sustainable and environmentally friendly transport concepts. Modern, scheduled roll-on/roll-off traffic guarantee fast, seamless cargo transfer. Rolling goods such as box wagons, tractors or combine harvesters roll on to ro-ro ships at the port of departure and roll off again at the port of destination. Non-rolling goods such as transformers or wind turbines are loaded onto ro-ro ships by truck.

Contact person

Stefan Ring
Stefan Ring
Head of Production Division
RoRo-Anlage im bayernhafen Passau-Schalding
Ro-ro facilities in bayernhafen Passau-Schalding


Scheduled ro-ro service:

Donau Star BG EOOD has been operating the new scheduled ‘Star Lines’ ro-ro service on the Danube from bayernhafen Passau to Ruse in Bulgaria and other ro-ro-ready ports since July 2015. The two catamarans, “Jumbo II” and “Jumbo III”, are capable of transporting up to 1,500 t. They need around seven days to travel down the Danube to Ruse and nine days for the return trip to Passau.

More Information and contact:

Donau Star BG EOOD

Wiener Straße 23 a
93055 Regensburg

+49 (0)941 603 6211
+49 (0)941 603 6220


Intermodal Regensburg

CT at its best

bayernhafen Regensburg offers a broad range of combined transport services. Direct from road to rail – a modern Rolling Road terminal makes this possible. The resumption of the Rolling Road service from bayernhafen Regensburg is currently being examined.

In addition, a container terminal is available to handle conventional unit loads. The operator of the container terminal is CTR Container Terminal Regensburg GmbH.

Terminal Operator

Container Terminal Regensburg GmbH

Wiener Straße 15-21
93055 Regensburg

Tel.: +49 (0)941 208 6360
Fax: +49 (0)941 208 63610




Containerterminal Kombinierter Verkehr IGS CDN CDR

Intermodal Nuremberg

International and highly frequent

The trimodal terminal at bayernhafen Nürnberg is the central hub for combined transport in southern Germany. This is where the high-frequency connections between the European economic centres and the German seaports converge. The excellent quality of its CT services and the rapid throughput are supported by a high-performance IT system. The connections in the terminal are fully electrified, which results in reduced traction costs and greater operational safety. These benefits mean that the operator of the handling facilities, TriCon Container-Terminal Nürnberg GmbH, plays a key role in the CT transport chain. The strategic role of this location is reflected in its future-oriented infrastructure and the opportunities for expanding capacity.

Terminal operator

Container-Terminal Nürnberg GmbH

Hamburger Straße 59
90451 Nürnberg

Tel.: +49 (0)911 999 6810
Fax: +49 (0)911 999 68111



Kombinierter Verkehr Terminal bayernhafen Nürnberg Wechselzone

Contact person

Alexander Ochs
Alexander Ochs
Chief Executive Officer

Intermodal Bamberg

The key terminal for the regional economy

Through streamlined processes in our high-performance bimodal combined transport terminal, we deliver cost-effective transfer of your goods onto trains bound for German seaports. Thanks to the connection to our hub in Nuremberg, international destinations can also be scheduled. baymodal Bamberg GmbH guarantees smooth terminal operations and cargo handling between rail and road.

Terminal operator

baymodal Bamberg GmbH

Hafenstraße 30
96052 Bamberg

Tel.: +49 (0)951 309 3060
Fax: +49 (0)951 309 30610

Reachstacker Container baymodal bayernhafen Bamberg

Intermodal Aschaffenburg

Trimodal CT terminal with barge services

At bayernhafen Aschaffenburg, we offer you rail connections to the German North Sea ports. In addition, there are regular barge services to the ARA ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. In our trimodal container terminal, we guarantee efficient cargo transfer between road, rail and inland waterway.

Terminal operator

Trimodales Containerterminal Aschaffenburg GmbH

Hafenkopfstraße 3
63741 Aschaffenburg

Tel.: +49 (0) 6021 920 010
Fax : +49 (0) 6021 920 0110

TCA Container Terminal bayernhafen Aschaffenburg

26 November 2018 | Nuremberg

Marzipan meets Lebkuchen – successful logistics regions in dialogue

Referenten bayernhafen Nürnberg

Die Referenten aus Nürnberg und Lübeck

Nuremberg, 07.11.2018 – The port and logistics regions of Lübeck is moving ever closer to Nuremberg thanks to the new ‘Bavaria Shuttle’ service linking Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic states with Bavaria, the Western Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary via Lübeck and Nuremberg.

The new link launched by European Cargo Logistics GmbH (ECL), the investment arm of Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH (LHG), along with new opportunities and greater potential for the port and logistics regions of Lübeck and Nuremberg were presented at a dialogue event held at bayernhafen Nürnberg. High-calibre business contacts from both regions, VIPs from industry and commerce as well as contact partners from port and logistics companies engaged in lively dialogue.

The core themes covered by the keynote speech given by Professor Rudolf Aunkofer of GfK, the German Consumer Research Society, entitled ‘Disruption, platform, network, access – how industry & logistics companies can harness the buzz surrounding the digital economy to tap new markets and generate sustainable revenue growth’ included individualisation as a trend among consumers and in production, the success factors for the digital world, the key role played by logistics and, finally, the appeal, opportunities and potential of the Nordic economic area.

Jörg Ullrich, Managing Director of ECL GmbH and Chairman of the Management Board of logRegio e.V. presented the port and logistic region of Lübeck to the guests from Nuremberg.

The dialog was rounded off with a panel discussion, in which the ‘right recipe’ for the relationship between Nuremberg and Lübeck on the part of the operators and users was clarified. During the following get-together, the guests were able to further refine this recipe in a culinary fashion.

20 September 2018 | Nuremberg

Ports of Luebeck and Nuremberg launch overnight link

‘Bavaria Shuttle’ connects the Baltic Sea region to Southern Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe

Terminal Kombinierter Verkehr bayernhafne Nürnberg LKW Container Bahn

(Luebeck/Nuremberg, 20 September 2018) European Cargo Logistics GmbH (ECL), the investment arm of Luebecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH (LHG), has added another destination to its intermodal network. The terminal of TriCon Container-Terminal Nuernberg GmbH in bayernhafen Nuernberg now connects Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States to Bavaria, the western Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.

The first ‘Bavaria Shuttle’ left the intermodal terminal in Travemuende (Baltic Rail Gate) for Bavaria at the end of August. The new train service will initially transport trailers and containers between Luebeck and Nuremberg three times a week via Luebeck. “The new connection opens up a large catchment area for intermodal transport solutions to us. The trains run overnight and are optimally synchronized with the scheduled arrival and departure times of the ferry services in Luebeck,” explains Tobias Behncke, Head of Intermodal at ECL. By the beginning of October, the frequency of departures, which currently stand at three per week, will be increased to daily departures in both directions. ECL expects to shift around seventeen thousand units from road to rail in the first year, thus making a sizeable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

“The ‘Bavaria Shuttle’ transports cranable trailers and containers and offers all the advantages of our ONE STOP SHOP service,” explains ECL Managing Director, Joerg Ullrich, adding: “Freight forwarders get everything they need, when they need it, from a single source – everything from ferry bookings and train bookings through to trucking solutions at the terminals. We have found the perfect partners for this service in TriCon and bayernhafen.”

“The intermodal route between Nuremberg and Luebeck is the main transport route in Central Europe,”
says Alexander Ochs, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Intermodal at bayernhafen as well as Managing Director of the operating company of bayernhafen Nuernberg, Hafen Nuernberg-Roth GmbH. “Goods from the entire Baltic Sea region are now shipped on schedule from Luebeck to bayernhafen Nuernberg – and from there to the whole of Bavaria, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and northern Italy. And it works in exactly the same way in the opposite direction. The new scheduled link between the two supra-regional hubs of Lübeck and Nuremberg directly connects the markets and businesses in northern, central, southern and south-eastern Europe. The ‘Bavaria Shuttle’ is a major pillar of the logistics sector in Europe.”

European Cargo Logistics GmbH
European Cargo Logistics GmbH is the market leader in paper and forest products logistics and has served its customers from its corporate headquarters in Lübeck for over forty years. Together with its branch in Rostock and an office in St. Petersburg, it delivers a wide range of road and rail transport, intermodal transport and forwarding services throughout Europe for all industrial sectors. ECL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH. Read more:

bayernhafen comprises six locations: Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Roth, Regensburg and Passau. What makes its locations so outstanding is the combination of direct proximity to economically important geographical hubs and efficient linking of the transport routes of inland waterway, rail and road. bayernhafen is an active facilitator in the development of logistics solutions and networks. bayernhafen acts as a ‘site architect’ that develops strategies spanning different companies and locations, invests in high-performance infrastructure, and cooperates closely with the companies settled in the ports to tap new potential for value creation. Its objective is to further strengthen the position of the ports as logistics hubs and as major platforms for the global exchange of goods. Strategic land management ensures a mix of industries from the transport, warehousing, logistics, service provision and production sectors. The operator of the locations of Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Regensburg and Passau is Bayernhafen GmbH & Co. KG. The Chief Executive Officer is Joachim Zimmermann. The Nuremberg and Roth locations are operated by Hafen Nuernberg-Roth GmbH, with an 80% share held by Bayernhafen GmbH & Co. KG, a 19% share held by the City of Nuremberg and a 1% share held by the City of Roth.

5 September 2018 | Nuremberg

Nuremberg and China: another step closer

Second weekly Nuremberg-Chengdu service launched

Delegation Chengdu im bayernhafen Nürnberg vor Reachstacker

Nuremberg, 05 September 2018 – Nuremberg and China take another step closer: The Nuremberg-Chengdu freight train service is now operating twice a week – in both directions. As before, the journey time in one direction takes around 15 days, only half the time it takes by sea. A significant proportion of the 40-foot containers will carry automotive products, both for import and export.

Since October 2015, as part of China’s ‘One Belt – One Road’ initiative, also known as the ‘New Silk Road’, a freight train has been running once a week between the 14-million inhabitant metropolis of Chengdu in western China and bayernhafen Nürnberg, which, along with Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Roth, Regensburg and Passau, is one of the six bayernhafen locations. Now, due to high demand, the operator of the train service, Railport Chengdu, is doubling the weekly frequency: from now on, two trains a week will run in both directions. The journey via Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan to China takes around 15 days.

The new train service will run continuously with a total of forty-one 40-foot containers, remaining the same even after changing between the standard gauge and the Russian broad gauge. No re-marshalling operations are required when changing track, thus making the train service even faster. In Chengdu, the train arrives at the Railport, from where the containers are distributed to destinations all across China – the same applies in the opposite direction.Dr. Michael Fraas, Spokesman on Economic Affairs of the City of Nuremberg, stresses the importance of the Nuremberg metropolitan region as an automotive industry location and the close economic ties with China “Nuremberg is now on the Silk Road! The high level of acceptance of the Nuremberg-Chengdu freight train connection and the doubling of the service frequency will strengthen the status of the trimodal freight transport centre of bayernhafen Nürnberg as the regional hub of the ‘New Silk Road’ for southern Germany and northern Italy. This will enable Nuremberg to act as a bridge and platform for the whole of Bavaria and southern Germany for trade between Europe and China.” During the visit of a Nuremberg commercial delegation to Chengdu in November 2017, Nuremberg’s Spokesman on Economic Affairs, Dr. Michael Fraas, and Chengdu’s Lord Mayor, Luo Qiang, signed a commercial cooperation agreement between the two cities.

“If the economic power of the regions is good, it will also be possible to implement dual traffic over the longer term,” says Alexander Ochs, Managing Director of Hafen Nürnberg-Roth GmbH, the operating company of bayernhafen Nürnberg. “This will give companies throughout the Nuremberg metropolitan region the opportunity to further expand their cooperation with Chinese customers and partners – this will offer customers lasting added value. The second train to Chengdu proves that the concept of the Iron Silk Road is gaining acceptance in Bavaria. Double is better.”