27 January 2022 | Regensburg

Cable reels travel by barge

bayernhafen as a hub in the transition to greener transport and energy

Umschlag mit Raupenkran Schiff, blaue Kabeltommel

In January, the first barge carrying gigantic cable reels arrived in bayernhafen Regensburg. The reels, which were produced near Paris, each hold around 1.75 km of underground cable and weigh up to 80 tonnes. A tracked crane operated by the bayernhafen-based crane specialist, Schmidbauer, offloaded the reels at the heavy-lift handling quay. The first load of cable drums – more are to follow in the coming months – are being stored locally at an existing logistics site that is currently under redevelopment. The underground cables are to be used for the SuedOstLink project, which will supply Bavaria with electricity from wind energy generated in the north and east of Germany. The project is being overseen in Bavaria by the transmission system operator, TenneT.