11 February 2019 | Nuremberg

Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands visits bayernhafen

Consul General Paul Ymkers visits Nuremberg location

Besuch Generalkonsul der Niederlande im bayernhafen Nürnberg

From left: Consul General Paul Ymkers; Ingrid Roßmeier, Representative for Southern Germany of he Port of Rotterdam; Alexander Ochs, Managing Director of Hafen Nuernberg-Roth GmbH

Nuremberg, 08.02.2019 – Paul Ymkers has been the new Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for a number of months.

Recently, bayernhafen Nürnberg had the pleasure of greeting him to our port to provide him with more information about all of bayernhafen’s locations and the logistics links with the Netherlands. On the evening before his visit, a Port of Rotterdam networking event was held in Nuremberg in which numerous companies were able to intensify their links to the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is an important partner for the economy of Middle Franconia and is linked to bayernhafen Nürnberg by rail and inland waterway. For decades, inland waterway has been intensively used for transporting bulk goods between Bavaria and Rotterdam. Since March 2012, a direct train service operated by European Gateway Services has linked Bavaria to the Port of Rotterdam. This train service now runs four times a week between bayernhafen Nürnberg and the Port of Rotterdam. Both sides are committed to further developing these links.