18 March 2024 | Regensburg

Diverse investment strategy secures long-term boost for the freight hub of bayernhafen Regensburg

bayernhafen Regensburg in the 2023 financial year: 2.38 million tonnes of goods moved by rail and inland waterway; 95,675 TEU throughput in combined transport; investment of € 16 million

Der bayernhafen Regensburg ist beim Schiffsgüterumschlag führend in ganz Bayern. Per Schiff werden zum Beispiel Agrargüter, Baustoffe und Anlagenteile transportiert.

Regensburg, 18 March 2024 – In 2023, 2.38 million tonnes of goods were moved by train and barge at bayernhafen Regensburg, down 7.5% on the previous year. Around 137,500 road trips were saved by shifting long-distance traffic to the more environmentally friendly modes of transport of rail and inland waterway.

1.36 million tonnes of goods were moved by rail in 2023, representing an 8.8% decrease on the previous year. Inland waterway handling at Regensburg, the leading port in the whole of Bavaria for water-borne cargo & freight transport, fell 5.7% to 1.02 million tonnes. Combined transport (CT) throughput totalled 95,675 TEU (1 TEU is equal to one twenty-foot standard container), 8.6% less than in the previous year. In addition to containers used in seaport-hinterland traffic – primarily routes to and from Hamburg and Bremerhaven – combined transport includes swap bodies and semi-trailers deployed in continental cargo & freight transport. The inland waterway and rail networks were used to transport agricultural produce, construction materials, ores and metals, foodstuffs, fuels, recycling materials, minerals, and industrial products such as plant machinery, automotive parts, and heavy-lift components such as transformers.