1 January 2019 | Passau

‘Dream wedding’ in bayernhafen Passau

New Liebherr LHM420 mobile harbour crane is installed in port

Montage Liebherr LHM420 bayernhafen Passau

The name car manufacturers give to the assembly of chassis and body is the ‘wedding’. bayernhafen Passau was witness to a ‘dream wedding’ of the very special kind when the machine house containing the slewing platform was mounted onto the 64-wheel crane undercarriage. The port’s dedicated mobile crane and a mobile crane belonging to the heavy-lift specialists Saller worked in harmony to ensure precise handling of the 60-tonne unit. The new Liebherr LHM420 can handle up to 120 tonnes, almost double the weight of its predecessor.

More information on the development of the infrastructure in Passau can be found on page 18 of our customer magazine ‘kurs bayernhafen’.

Image source: bayernhafen / Ingo Maschauer