31 January 2021 | Bamberg

Heavy-weight in bayernhafen Bamberg

Expert handling of a superlatively sized steel component for wind turbine

Schwergutumschlag bayernhafen Bamberg

Bamberg, January 2021 – A superlatively sized steel component for a wind turbine took a trip through Upper Franconia, en route to its final destination to the village of Tanna-Schilbach in Thuringia, where the colossus is to be installed in a wind farm.

But it all began with the arrival of the steel component by barge at bayernhafen Bamberg, where the 40-meter-long steel tower, measuring 5 metres in diameter and weighing 88 tonnes, was lifted onto land with the aid of two special cranes. The next day it was loaded onto a special truck to tackle the final leg by road.

The entire journey took four days and covered a distance of 160 kilometres. At a number of points along the way, this called for logistical dexterity, even though there were hardly any obstacles standing in its way during the night-time transport.