Klinikum Aschaffenburg-Alzenau – Berufsfachschule für Hebammen

Klinikum Aschaffenburg-Alzenau - Berufsfachschule für Hebammen

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Trust Immobilien GmbH

Trust Immobilien GmbH

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KITA Logistics

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Guided Tours Aschaffenburg

Would you like to have a look around bayernhafen Aschaffenburg to get a personal impression of our port? Then we look forward to hearing from you. From time to time, we offer guided tours for schools, university students or other interested groups.

We generally tour the main area of the port on foot. If your group brings bicycles or a bus, we will guide you around the entire port area.

Contact person

Stefan Grünewald
Project Assistant, Marketing and Management Accounting

Cargo Transfer & Logistics Aschaffenburg

In Aschaffenburg, we move goods of all kinds: In our handling facilities, we transfer mostly raw materials and bulk goods such as mineral oils, construction materials, cellulose, coal, steel and chemical intermediates. In dispatch, we concentrate on high-value industrial products, consumer/industrial timber, and recycling materials such as steel/scrap metals, paper and plastic. As a high-performance logistics company, this enables us to offer industrial and trading companies in the Bavarian Lower Main region access to global transport chains.

State-of-the-art technology is at your disposal for your cargo transfer operations. Our handling facilities ensure efficient, on-time handling of bulk goods, containers, groupage freight and heavy-lift goods. Pumping facilities and storage tanks ensure the supply of mineral oil and other liquid goods to the region. If you need to transfer exceptionally heavy and bulky goods, we handle this assignment at our dedicated cargo-transfer facilities.

Whether transport, storage, picking, processing, procuring, recycling or distributing, we work closely with the companies operating from our port to meet the demands you expect from high-performance logistics.

Would you like to find out more about our services or register your cargo transfer?

We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact person

Theo Franz
Head of Production Division

Handling facilities

Our trimodal infra-/superstructure delivers a wide range of efficient cargo-handling solutions to meet the specific requirements of a diverse mix of goods, from bulk goods to break bulk, from heavy lift to containers.

  • Rail-mounted cranes up to 50 tonnes load-bearing capacity: 3
  • Mobile material-handling excavators up to 14 tonnes load-bearing capacity: 2
  • Heavy-lift transfer sites for loads up to 300 tonnes: 2
  • Heavy-lift transfer track for loads up to 300 tonnes: 1
  • Dedicated mineral oil pumping facilities: 4
  • Dedicated loading point for Calcium carbonate: 1
  • Trimodal handling facility for combined transport: 1
  • Full-container reach stacker: 1

Heavy-lift handling

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg provides excellent conditions for handling bulky, overlength and ultra-heavy-lift cargo.

At two handling facilities on quay 4 and quay 6, truck-mounted cranes cab be deployed to handle heavy-lift loads up to 300 tonnes. Our heavy-lift transfer track in Stockstadter Weg can also handle loads of up to 300 tonnes.

Loading of the coaster “Jenny”

Storage capacity

Our port provides suitably furnished/equipped capacity for the storage of bulk goods, groupage, liquids and heavy-lift cargo as well as combined transport unit loads. With numerous silos, oil tanks, container depots and technical facilities, we and the companies operating from our port are specialised in all manner of transportation storage.

Order picking and packaging, processing, recycling and finishing round off the range of comprehensive services and activities we offer.

  • Oil tank storage: 49,000 m³
  • Warehouse storage area: 84,000 m²

Rail Service Aschaffenburg


As a railway transport company, we offer a complete “last mile” service. Our dedicated locomotive fleet guarantees a seamless rail service, from traction to and from the electrified rail network to shunting services to our customers’ sidings.

Benefit from our services:

  • Freight train transfer from the central station to the port
  • Shunting services within the rail infrastructure of bayernhafen Aschaffenburg

Contact person

Theo Franz
Head of Production Division
Fabian Pfennig
Rail/Cargo Handling Operations Scheduling / Electrical Workshop

Jessica Sahrbacher

Land & Real Estate Management


+49 6021 8467-25


Infrastructure Aschaffenburg

Our high-performance infrastructure provides you with non-discriminatory and cost-effective access to the three equal modes of transport rail, road and inland waterway.

Furthermore, we efficiently manage the basic infrastructure such as the electricity network, water supply and sewerage system.

In order to provide the companies operating from our port with the best possible connections and accessibility, we permanently invest in the development of our infrastructure.

Should you experience any disruption or impediments when using our infrastructure, we can be reached around the clock via our location-wide hotline.

Central Disruption Management Infrastructure service number:
Tel: 0800 / 7240 320 (24 hr)

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg provides two docks and six quays with eleven cargo handling zones to handle your ship’s cargo.

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg maintains a high-performance publicly accessible rail infrastructure network complete with port marshalling yard, signalling control centre and a total of 24 kilometres of rail network for the companies operating from its location. A trimodal CT terminal complements the infrastructure.

Our generously dimensioned track facilities in the crane section and the freight yard enable easy shunting, assembling, loading and unloading of block trains. Block trains of up to 700 metres in length can enter and leave the freight marshalling yard in our port.

Almost 90% of bayernhafen’s land and four of the five quays are linked by rail to the port railway system.

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg is connected via Aschaffenburg Central Station to the trans-european rail network.

Our service facilities include workshops, which we rent to authorised persons subject to advance scheduling.

An infrastructure use agreement must be entered into prior to using the rail infrastructure service facilities.

Contact person

Theo Franz
Head of Production Division

7 May 2019 | Aschaffenburg

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg boosts its infrastructure

2018 financial year: 917,013 tonnes of good moved by inland waterway and rail; bayernhafen invests € 6.1 million; conversion of former transformer station; RAIL.ONE and Teamlog attracted to port

Aerial photograph of bayernhafen Aschaffenburg (August 2018)

Aschaffenburg, 7 May 2019 – In 2018, bayernhafen Aschaffenburg (along with Bamberg, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Roth and Passau, one of the six bayernhafen port locations) continued the steady development of its port infrastructure. Following on from the € 11.7 million it invested in 2017, bayernhafen initiated a further investment programme of € 6.1 million in boosting the efficiency of its infrastructure. bayernhafen’s investment provides industrial, trading and logistics companies with the best arguments for using the environmentally transport modes of inland waterway and rail for their import and export activities. Despite the longest ever low-water level period in history, a total of 917,013 tonnes of cargo were moved by inland waterway and rail at bayernhafen Aschaffenburg in 2018, 14.3% down on 2017.


Robust business model withstands testing conditions

​2018 was the warmest and one of the driest years in Germany since records began. For months on end, hardly any rain fell … and the waters of the Rhine and Danube dropped to historically low levels. This development also had an effect on bayernhafen Aschaffenburg: 2018 saw the volume of goods transported by inland waterway fall by 28% to 576,576 tonnes. However, this decrease was largely compensated for by significant growth in rail transport, with 340,437 tonnes of freight moved by rail, up 26.2% on 2017. “All three transport modes are ready to spring into action at our location,” says Wolfgang Filippi, Branch Manager of bayernhafen Aschaffenburg. “and this multimodal link is where our strengths lie. In addition, the mix of industries and freight structure that our customers bring ensures the stability of the location, even when conditions change. This builds the basis for a robust business model.”

As in the previous year, fuels made up the lion’s share of the shipping tonnage, followed by construction materials, minerals and earths, and scrap metal. Additionally, high-value heavy-lift goods, such as a 92-tonne transformer, were also loaded onto barge at Aschaffenburg to begin their journey around the world. Containers, metals and timber in particular were transported by rail. A new addition to the mix are railway sleepers, which have been produced in the port of Aschaffenburg since the opening of a sleeper manufacturing plant in April 2018.

Steady development in container traffic by rail

bayernhafen Aschaffenburg is linked to the North Sea ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven by a container train service, with regional distribution carried out by road. Container throughput in the TCA container terminal at Aschaffenburg increased to 20,512 TEU (1 TEU = 1 twenty-foot equivalent unit), up 7.7% on the previous year’s level. It was also possible here to largely offset a fall in inland waterway traffic through higher volumes transported by rail. The positive development in rail traffic is also expected to continue in 2019: from May onwards, the operator IGS Intermodal will increase the frequency of its container service from four to five round trips a week.

 bayernhafen invests € 6.1 million in efficiency increases

In 2018, bayernhafen also invested around € 6.1 million in its Aschaffenburg location in re-developing sites for commercial use and in its multi-year project to optimise its rail and inland waterway infrastructure. This includes upgrading quay 1 with railtrack facilities, developing quay 4 and building a construction pier for passenger ships. For 2019, bayernhafen is planning to initiate a further investment scheme of around € 7.6 million in re-developing commercial areas and in the purchase of a reach stacker for container handling.

Anchor point bayernhafen

Thanks to the quality of its locations, bayernhafen also attracted more companies in 2018: In April, RAIL.ONE opened a manufacturing plant in bayernhafen Aschaffenburg that produces rail sleepers for short and long-distance rail traffic. Nearby, Teamlog constructed a new production line for the heavy goods vehicle axle manufacturer, SAF Holland, which will be ready for occupancy in the course of the second quarter of 2019.

Jointly, the two companies already occupy two thirds of the reclaimed site of the former transformer station. Since the demolition of the transformer station at the end of 2015, bayernhafen Aschaffenburg has freed up a total of 100,000 m2 for new use.

Furthermore, quay 2 in the port has a new occupant in the guise of Blasius Schuster, whose activities extend the range of services for construction material recycling and disposal of soils offered at the location. The construction of the new operating facilities will enable the Hafenrandstraße area of the port to be better demarcated from the residential development in Leider.

Wolfgang Filippi explains bayernhafen’s recipe for success as a site architect: “The decisions these companies take to invest in bayernhafen Aschaffenburg are a testament to the attractiveness of the comprehensive package of cargo handling and infrastructure services we offer on the basis of rental and leasehold contracts. Through site recycling, we create new opportunities for our customers, even in our existing property portfolio. On top of the trimodal infrastructure, there is also synergy between the companies operating from the port. This combination makes bayernhafen Aschaffenburg a major anchor point for the Bavarian Rhine-Main region.”

 Location offers best conditions for the ‘white fleet’

Since 1 January 2019, bayernhafen Aschaffenburg has been operating the river cruise ship pier in the Floßhafen area on behalf of the Congress and Tourism Operating Companies of the City of Aschaffenburg. The operational management includes in particular reserving berths, scheduling and accounting. Hotel ships up to 135 metres long can dock in the Floßhafen. Every year, up to 150 moorings are expected. In addition, bayernhafen is building a dedicated pier for passenger ships on the Main river near Werftstraße in 2019 in order to take pressure off the inner-city piers caused by ship-to-bus transfers.

The passenger ships piers in Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Roth, Regensburg and Passau mean that bayernhafen now offers a one-stop-shop service for the river cruise sector at a total of five locations in Bavaria.



Wasserschutzpolizei Aschaffenburg

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