13 December 2022 | Nuremberg

Multi-million Euro investment in Nuremberg

Kai 1 bayernhafen Nürnberg Sanierung

bayernhafen is continuing to invest heavily at its Nuremberg location. Work has already begun on the redevelopment of quay 1. The first step will be to upgrade the drainage infrastructure of the quay area on the Main-Danube Canal to the latest modern standards over a length of 425 meters at a cost of around €2.3 million. This will include the installation of 6 large-scale treatment plants for sedimentation and filtration of rainwater. The new rainwater system was designed by bayernhafen itself. In the future, it will be possible to block it off at each individual discharge point by means of electrically operated barriers to prevent contaminated water from entering the Main-Danube Canal.

Next year, the road and rail transport facilities at the quay will also be modernized to enable the use of mobile equipment for cargo handling.