13 December 2022 | Bamberg

New lock gates for the Neckar

Schleusentore Umschlag Schiff Kran Bamberg bayernhafen

The lock gates waiting at bayernhafen’s quay 3 ready for departure: (photo: bayernhafen/Wechsler)

Plenty of helping hands and weighty equipment tons ensured the smooth heavy-lift transfer of these lock gates at bayernhafen Bamberg. The transfer of the four lock gates, weighing a total of around 120 tonnes, onto a waiting barge was carried out by skilled team comprising the heavy-lift specialist Felbermayr and Merkel Autokrane.

From Bamberg, the floating giant headed for the Neckar River, stopping off to unload at Horkheim and Deizisau. The lock gates are destined to be used at the Hessigheim lock.

Many strong helpers pitched in during the transfer of the lock gates at bayernhafen Bamberg:
(Foto: bayernhafen/Wechsler)