25 July 2018 | Regensburg

Primary school pupils swap classroom for ship

Fourth-graders and teachers enjoy the ‘Regensburg port experience – live’

Westhafen Hafenbecken bayernhafen Regensburg

The MS Regensburg at bayernhafen Regensburg.

To celebrate the end of their last year in primary school, bayernhafen Regensburg invited three hundred Year 4 primary school pupils to go on an exciting boat trip around the Port of Regensburg. The eleven school classes from in and around Regensburg swapped their classrooms for the MS Regensburg to go on the first ever ‘magical mystery tour’ around the port. During the boat trip, the pupils experienced local history live as they travelled around the west and east ports, getting a close-up look at giant cranes, towers of containers, and barges so big that 100 trucks would be needed to fill them up.

The Port Master, Uwe Raschke, who himself had spent many years travelling the rivers and oceans before laying permanent anchor at bayernhafen Regensburg, took on the honour of explaining the wondrous sights to the school pupils. During their voyage of discovery, the fascinated fourth-graders learned many interesting things such as how cereals are transported by barge, how container trains connect Regensburg to Hamburg, and that the entire port area is the equivalent of 260 football fields.

We would like to thank the school classes and their teachers for their visit and wish them all a wonderful summer holiday.