2 April 2020 | bayernhafen


Thank You Grafik Danke

The bayernhafen port locations are home to more than 400 companies that secure over 13,000 jobs. Together they form one of the best-performing logistic networks in the whole of Europe. The importance of efficient supply chains and a robust infrastructure is also – and especially – evidenced in such challenging exceptional times as the current Coronavirus pandemic.

For this reason, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who are playing their part in also making sure this successful collaboration continues – whether you work in dispatch in a logistics centre for the retail food industry or sit behind the wheel of a truck, whether you sit in the cab of a railway train or at the bridge of a barge, whether you work in a heating oil and diesel fuel depot, sit high up in a crane cab or down below in the rail signalling control centre, whether you trade in fertilisers for the agricultural sector, collect plastic in recycling centres or sort packets in a distribution centre, whether you work to keep our company’s infrastructure safe and operational or at the many other crossover points in our society … our heartfelt thanks to you all. Look after yourselves, remain optimistic and stay healthy!